REED B20HP High Pressure Shotcrete Pump

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REED Pumps offer more horsepower, concrete pressure, hydraulic pump output than the competition. As a result of using these high quality components, REED’s pumps run at lower RPMs than competitors – meaning they are more efficient, quiet, and always at the ideal point in the torque curve of the Cummins Diesel Engine.

Strongest Trailer and Axle in the Industry. 18″ of steel between the engine and 9000lb axle on most models. The REED B and C Series lines are the most heavy-duty pumps in the industry, bar none. Compare the weight of a REED Pump to the competition – that extra weight means extra reinforcement. The REED is built like a tank.

Low Hopper Height (only 43″). Easy for mixer trucks to load. MUCH easier to clean than our competitors’ pumps. Easy for mixer drivers to see concrete level.

Superfast Changing S-Tube. Fast changeover means less pulsation and better consistency for pumping grout, pea gravel, shotcrete and big rock line pumping.

Inexpensive, Long-lasting Polyurethane Piston Cups. These are MUCH less expensive than rubber piston rams offered by competitors. Over the long run – this will save you a LOT of cash!

Many Common Hydraulic Hoses. Just a few hoses will back up the entire pump. In addition, the REED pumps use steel hydraulic lines whenever possible for straight runs.

Integrated Locking Toolbox. A convenient storage place near the hitch.

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